Great Snacks To Keep Around The House

Great Snacks To Keep Around The House


Good nutrition is very important, particularly in your retirement years. Keep these simple snack foods around the house to stay healthy and happy. Always talk to your doctor first about nutrition routines and any additional information on the Best 2020 Medicare supplement plans you should look into.


Almond Butter

Almond butter is a delicious, healthy fat that serves in just about the same capacity as the traditional peanut butter you might be used to. It’s very low in sugar and about as much protein per serving as an egg. Eat it on toast or as a sandwich, or simply dip some sliced up veggies into it. You can also add it to shakes and smoothies easily to give a fruity or chocolaty shake more of a peanut butter flavor you might like. Obviously, don’t use almond butter in anything for someone that might have a nut allergy.



Avocados are another healthy and delicious source of fat. They are tricky because they are only perfectly ripe for a very short period of time, so keeping lots in the house at one time is difficult. However, if you buy a bunch and use them all at the same time in a nice homemade Guacamole, you get a delicious and healthy snack with an extended shelf life. If Guacamole isn’t your style, Avocados also go nicely sliced up and put on almost any dish. Salad, seafood, chili, etc. are all complemented nicely with Avocado.

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Veggie Sticks

Slicing up various kinds of veggies ahead of time and using them as a carrier for most dips, cheeses, or jams is a great way to avoid chips and other unhealthy snacks. The best veggies to use are carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, or cauliflower. Dip them in hummus, salsa, ranch or blue cheese dressing, etc. for delicious and nutritious snacking.



If you have a juicer or food processor, try different combinations of fruits and veggies to make delicious juice snacks. They can be complemented with nuts, butters, yogurts, and other flavors as well for a shake or smoothie like meal. You can throw pretty much any food in a juicer and see what kind of genius creations you can come up with. Search online for popular recipes as well if you’re not sure where to start.



Don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Many people mistake the feeling of being hungry for actually just being dehydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and you may not even need that snack you’ve been craving.