How Medicare Supplement Plan is Different from Medicare Advantage


How Medicare Supplement Plan is Different from 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans


Each plan in the insurance field is differentiated from another one because of its own qualities and terms and conditions to follow. The Medicare supplement plan is also quite different from the Medicare Advantage plan. Both of these plans are used in different Medicare criteria. The coverage area of both the plans is quite different from each other. Their terms and conditions are also different. Here in his context, we share some common differences between the Medicare Supplement Plan and the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan:

This plan is also called the Medigap insurance plan it works with original Medicare sections A and B. The Medicare supplement plan will help you to pay several Medicare costs that are not covered by original Medicare. The plan doesn’t have any stand-alone coverage in the Medicare. For getting the services of Medicare supplement plan you have to enroll both the part A and part B Medicare plans for paying costs of hospital and medical coverage and treatment.

It does not cover prescription drug so you have to take the different plan for Medicare prescription drug insurance. While using the Medicare supplement plan you are still in enrollment with the original Medicare part A and part B. It helps you to pay your primary healthcare costs and many other expenses related with cost sharing. It will help you to pay excess charges of part B that are not paid by original Medicare services. So this plan is useful for fulfilling the cost gap related with original Medicare.

medicare advantage for 2019

Medicare Advantage Plan:

This plan is a native part of original Medicare. You can get all the Medicare benefits by using your Medicare Advantage plan. For enrolling in the Medicare advantage plan you require a complete original  Medicare plan with part A and B. It will not let you live in an area that is out of plan’s coverage. It will make sure that the patient is not at the final stage of his disease. It does not include hospice care in its services.


So we find that supplemental plan has no restrictions on our living place as like the Medicare Advantage plan. It will cover beneficial criteria area of insurance plan but the Medicare advantage plan will also cover the same level of service as the original Medicare. The supplement plan includes the complete part A and B but the advantage plan leaves the part A.