Tips For Senior Travelers To Request A Wheelchair and Cart At An Airport

Tips For Senior Travelers To Request A Wheelchair and Cart At An Airport

Sometimes travelers like senior travelers require help navigating airports. This is especially if the airport is a large and complex one. The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 requires airlines to give free wheelchair service to travelers that ask for this. This case is present without needing a description and documentation for that requirement. For those who have some mobility problems, it can be tough going from your airport curb to your required gate. There are airlines that contract with companies to aid travelers by providing wheelchairs. These help them around the airport. This includes going through the security checkpoint as well. There are even electric carts present in larger airports. These are for those individuals that are not able to walk long distances, require some extra help or have to go to some gate fast so that they do not miss their flight. You may be wondering how to get a wheelchair or cart when you are at the airport. Take a 2020 medicare supplement plan while you travel.

Steps To Get A Wheelchair

  1. When you have booked the ticket you can contact the airline that you have selected. Ask them that you need a wheelchair or maybe cart. Tell them what date you are traveling on.
  2. This should be added to the passenger record. It should also be available when you are at the airport.
  3. There are airlines that ask you to make wheelchair and cart requests at least around 48 hours before coming to the airport.
  4. Airports that have skycaps located at the curb, it is possible to ask for a wheelchair here so that you can get through security as well as to your gate.

You should know that airlines employ four designations to figure out the kind of wheelchair or cart assistance that is required:

  • Those passengers that can walk by themselves onto the plane but require aid going from the terminal specifically to the aircraft.
  • Those passengers who are not able to navigate stairs, but are able to walk onboard the plane. They need the wheelchair to be able to move among an aircraft as well as a terminal.
  • Passengers that have a disability present of their lower limbs who are able to take care of themselves, and require help boarding plus departing from the plane.
  • Those passengers who are fully immobile and need assistance from when they arrive at the airport until they have to board the plane.

It is better to plan before going to the airport. You need to know how to get a wheelchair if you need this. Arrive early at the airport so that you do not get stressed out.