Top Retirement Destinations: Sydney, Australia

Top Retirement Destinations 2020: Sydney, Australia

Traveling during retirement should be enjoyable and relaxing. Visiting Sydney, Australia is one way to make sure your trip is both of those things, and it doesn’t hurt that chances are you’ll get a nice tan. There are plenty of things to see in the beautiful city of Sydney, and some Medicare supplement plans may even cover you while you travel abroad.


Probably the most recognizable landmark in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. It’s unmistakable, skyline altering, architectural marvel is a performing arts venue for music, theater, opera, and dance. If there aren’t any performances scheduled during your visit, go for a guided tour instead. Sydney Harbor Bridge, located nearby, was the city’s iconic structure prior to the opening of the Opera House. It offers a fantastic view from the Pylon lookout and connects the central business district to the north shore.


If you’re looking for a little beach time and a nice tan, Bondi Beach is where you’ll find all of the city’s beachgoers. Relax here with a book or watch the surfers take on the favorable wave conditions that are often seen here. Take your camera and walk the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk nearby to experience some incredible scenery. In the surrounding neighborhood you’ll find plenty of trendy cafes and casual pubs to enjoy the local scene in.


For a more sociable experience, Darling Harbour, located by the city center, is a sprawling place great for finding large events and celebrations. It’s large recreational area makes it a great spot to hang out, hit the shopping centers, and find plenty of food and drink amongst the photo worthy attractions. Not far away from there you’ll find The Rocks, which is a busy, historic, open air markets area sprawling with the city’s oldest pubs and street food vendors. Upscale dining with fantastic harbor views can be found in this neighborhood, with the Museum of Contemporary Art right nearby.


The Royal Botanic Garden is a great spot near the harbor to enjoy the rose gardens, green space, and wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, who doesn’t love a nice trip to the zoo? Take a quick ferry ride to the harborside Taronga Zoo Sydney for a beautiful day with the animals, there are over 340 different species there.


Regardless of your travel preferences for relaxation or play, there are plenty of enjoyable activities throughout Sydney, just don’t forget your sunscreen.