What is the Medicare Supplement Plan M?

The Medicare supplement plan M is the centre point between the Medigap plan A and Medigap plan F. It is the perfect plan for the person that is searching for a Medigap plan that covers only the basic hospital care costs and the skilled nursing facility payments.

The plan M lies between the part A that covers health care and the plan F that offers most of the benefits of Medicare supplement plans. Check out the following points for understanding the Medigap plan M.

Health Coverage Area of Medicare Supplement Plan M:  Many older adults enroll in a 2019 Medicare supplement plan to save money on medical bills.

The Medigap plan M is considered as an identical plan that provides similar benefits offered by Medigap plan D. The different point is that it will cover only the 50% costs of our Medicare part A or its deductibles costs. The determined cost of deductibles for part A is about $1340 in the year 2018. The plan M covers the half of this cost and the other half is the responsibility of the plan holder.

You have to pay the other 50% of the plan a deductible costs by yourself. It will cover the Coinsurance and hospital payments for the next year when the benefits of Medicare part A are already used. 3 pints of blood that hospital buys for you and the part B co-payments are also covered and paid by plan M. The hospice care payments of Medicare part A and the costs for trained nursing services are also included in the plan M.

The main point to consider is that the plan M also not covered the excess charges or the deductibles of the Medigap part B. It will pay the 100% of nursing facility and also the 100% of costs related to emergency room and office visit. It will also cover the expenses for travel emergency.


We can say the plan M is good for the people that use the healthcare facilities only on the short-term basis and don’t stay in the hospital for a long time. The people that are sure that they are not going to the hospital in future can use this plan because this plan is best for the people that only make formal visits to the doctor for a regular check-up. This plan is not useful when you want to get a plan that covers the excess charges and the deductibles of Medicare part B.